Death Age
(20 Buck Spin)

KOMMAND from Los Angeles, California, were formed in 2015 and this is their second album following the debut “Terrorscope” in 2020 and two demos before that. “Death Age” runs for only 26 minutes and consists of 6 tracks and I like that – better get 6 precise killing bombs and no filler shrapnel. And this is exactly what KOMMAND does, utilizing all the proven tactics of lethal annihilation by BOLT THROWER with a touch of Finnish school of killing by DEMIGOD and CONVULSE. The album even starts with a riff straight from the BOLT THROWER arsenal and continues pretty much in the same vein throughout the whole assault. The production also could be straight from the ’90s school of UK Death Metal – abrasive, bleak with raspy, gruffy vocals, suffocating riffs and militant battery varying from mid-paced to rather fast outbursts. Just solid and well executed Death Metal, the songs are not very memorable or maybe I need to blast it more, but definitely worth checking out, especially if you crave for more BOLT THROWER riffs. All necessary further information you will find here: www.20buckspin.com, www.facebook.com/20buckspin.

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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