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I thought the name was weird for a band… ok, it is actually the name from a former OBSCURA bass player and this is his solo release. And if you know the band, you understand that it’s formed by musicians that are so gifted musically that it seems unreal. So this album is practically up there to what the band has done, meaning a form of extremely well played technical Death. But in this case, I just feel that instead of showing too much how good the musicians are, they went a few levels a bit more simple. And that is a good thing. You see, although the fan base of this kind of technical Metal is big, at times it gets difficult to destroy it on first listen. Well, in this one, he keeps it more simpler in approach and thus everything flows very good. Of corpse the bass playing is out of this world, but then again it flows so good with the music. Obviously this comes with a great production, very balanced and not overproduced. And to round off the band, there’s various guests playing, it’s just a super-star Metal gathering, with the drumming of Hanes Grossmann, and many guitar players including Roland Grapow and V. Santura. Probably the closest in comparison would be the “Symbolic” era DEATH and and early NECROPHAGIST, but again this is just a reference. It’s not all brutality all the way, so those looking for decapitating corpses all the time will probably be facing some hard times, but again, this is still Death Metal, just from a more finesse type of approach. And yes, musicians will be delighted with the many layers of musical colours included. The vocals are your regular Death Metal growls not far away from what a Mr. George Fisher is doing. Now, although the performance factor is very high, still it’s something that has been done before. Specially some parts that have a more brutal Thrash approach, sometimes sounding very similar to TESTAMENT or early OVERKILL. Brutal Metallers can approach this with some caution and open mind, guitar freaks will love it, and technical Death Metallers will probably find their new idols here. One thing is for sure, you have to listen to it whatever your type of Metal is, as there is something for everyone and as a bonus, this whole work is a type of conceptual album influenced by an ancient book “Die Sphinx” about old Austrian lords trying to create human life through the art of alchemy. A very nice release.,

Julián “King Of Hearts” Núñez

Julián "King Of Hearts" Núñez

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