Pieces Of Primal Expressionism
(No Fashion Records)

Ugh! Not an easy one. I guess this is what happens to some bands as soon as they consider themselves to be grown up. In this case I’d rather call it “without direction” – the title definitely stands for the contents: “Pieces…”! The times of “Tusen…” are definitely over as the band adds fragments of old school Swedeath, keyboards and all sorts of untypical instruments such as violins and mellotones. See what I mean? The songs are fairly long, sometimes moody and calm, then erupting into Death or Black Metal parts without any warning. Makes me wonder: why? The keyboards sometimes create visions of SAMAEL or even TIAMAT. I mean, all the fragments are executed very well but I’m missing a certain flow and direction. And I’m not even sure if I had recognized MÖRK GRYNING if I hadn’t read the label on the CD in advance! In my opinion the band simply wanted a little too much. Once again: don’t get me wrong as everything sounds good and the production is pretty cool – not too raw, not too polished and I’m definitely going to listen to “Pieces…” again after this review is done but I doubt I will internalize it. Ever.

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

MÖRK GRYNING - Maelstrom Chaos (Thomas Georg )

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