From The Womb To The Tomb...
(Soulseller Records)

Already killing with their contribution to the vinyl compilation "Resurrected In Festering Slime" MAIM return with their first full-length recording and convince from the beginning to the very end of it. The ‘Ridden With Disease’ cover is a nice addition on this recording and a very good cover version, nevertheless it’s the quality of their own songs which make this recording as outstanding as it is. If you request your Death Metal as dirty as AUTOPSY were and still cry tears after the departure of REPUGNANT you have no excuse any longer as "From The Womb To The Tomb…" will dry your tears and make your life again as filthy as it was. "Modern" Death Metal fans will surely dislike this recording and won’t find something special on it, but for us dinosaurs this is the Metal of Death we all are craving for. No fuckin’ blastbeats here, no killer recording, just Death Metal atmosphere in the unique AUTOPSY and especially REPUGNANT vein. Together with AXIS POWERS’ "Marching Towards Destruction" this is the next killer recording from Sweden, 2 great albums yet so different from each other. Available through

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

MAIM - Ornaments Of Severity (Marco Stebich)
MAIM - Deceased To Exist (Ralf Hauber)
MAIM - interview (Ralf Hauber)

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