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Oh oh oh, shame on me – I was quite obviously prejudiced when it came to MALEDICTIVE PIGS throughout the last couple of years… I gotta admit that I was never really interested to check them out for the simple reason that I always thought of them as a Hardcore act — mainly because of the bandname and their visual presentation, which wasn’t appealing to me too much. Biiiiig mistake! Due to this stupidity I have missed out on a very promising and extremely brutal German Death Metal act. “Bloodshed” is already the third MALEDICTIVE PIGS full length CD (following 1995’s “Funeral Sermon” and 2000’s “Reborn”) and should easily appeal to all those of you who still worship the musical roots of this genre. There’s a lot of obvious influences from the heydays of (Swedish) Death Metal in their songwriting, and especially old GRAVE seems to be one of their main sources of inspirations here. But MALEDICTIVE PIGS partly combine that very effectively with the crushing intensity of US- / early UK Death Metal and deliver the goods in a very convincing way. And this results in a very solid, grinding Death Metal mixture. The album’s production never sounds polished or faceless — it’s raw, very honest and probably really close to how the band sounds in a live – or rehearsal situation. But don’t get me wrong here – “Bloodshed” does come up with a pretty good sound, it’s just that you won’t find too much (if any) faky drum sounds or whatever on the whole record. So, all in all a very cool release which at least managed to change my unjustified opinion on these lads. Check them out!! If you should have any problems in finding a copy of “Bloodshed”, feel free to contact the label directly at the following address: Cudgel Agency, Collegienstr. 21, 06886 Luth. Wittenberg, Germany, e-mail:, website:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

MALEDICTIVE PIGS - Soul Surgery (Hacker )

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