Listening to Bremen’s MARTYRIUM I had to think of SUMMONING instantly. But compared to “Minas Morgul”, for instance, there is more rage but also more spheric atmosphere. This album is lighter, too as it doesn’t have this bombastic marching approach. Very dominant keyboards and good songs but what I really can’t stand on this CD is the extremely cheap sounding drum computer! This really destroys a lot! MARTYRIUM don’t want to play live, instead they’re looking for somebody to release their CD without having to enter the studio again. Because of the drum sound I don’t think that this is a good idea but on the other hand the rest of the album does have quite a few qualities. Let’s let the record companies decide and until then: check out MARTYRIUM!,

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

MARTYRIUM - The Carnage Lit By Darkness (Ramon Claassen )

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