Suffer Mental Decay

Eerie, obscure and evil Death Metal. This description fits perfectly to MASADA’s 2 song demo tape. With such names as Craig Smilowski on drums and Cazz Grant on vocals (shame on you if you don’t know these legends of the underground) along Matt Dwyer on bass and Chris Milewski on guitar, MASADA is what it is: a Death Metal monster. These 2 songs dwell into slow to mid tempos, enshrouded in gloomy guitar melodies and powerful riffs, pounding drums, tight bass work and evil vocals from the depths of hell. Production wise, the mix is clear and balanced, with that raw "demo sound" from the good old days. Totally recommended for fans of Death F***ing Metal. I can’t wait for a full album! "Suffer Metal Decay" is available for free download here (, so go ahead and get it now! Contact the band:,

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

MASADA - Hideous Rot (Hacker)

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