1557 - Rites Of Nullification
(Odium Records)

Hejdundrande! The third full length album of MEPHORASH is a clarion of doom, a cosmic blast, a delirious journey from the deepest profundities of chaos to the highest temples of the four worlds. It’s an amazingly threatening sign of domineering Swedish Black Metal. Oppressive dark art at its best. As soon as you put on your headphones and unleash this sinister soul, you’ll be torn away immediately. Seriously, I am shattered. “1557” is a record, produced with such a love for details. It’s made for losing touch. With its complex structures and various levels it offers you a world which seem to be tangible with all your senses. Starting this record very powerful, MEPHORASH straight drag you into an abyssal acoustic space full of timeless creatures. On one hand it feels like it’s an never ending fall into the void. Then again it seems like you vandalize the throne of Atziluth with Naama. MEPHORASH created a hybrid demon of darkest atmosphere and harmonic rawness by using choral chants, bloodcurdling noises from purgatory, vivid synthesizer soundscapes and simple disharmonious chords, creating an arc of suspense which is just incredibly entertaining. Including all the featuring guest vocalists on this record, “1557 – Rites Of Nullification” is something to discover. For fans of the Swedish Anti-Cosmos. This stands in a row of bands like WATAIN, ONDSKAPT or VALKYRJA but has its own laws. A ritual! More info at:,,



MEPHORASH - Chalice Of Thagirion (Luxi Lahtinen)

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