Chalice Of Thagirion
(Grom Records)

3 hooded warriors from Uppsala, Sweden, using the MEPHORASH name to carry out their darkest visions and vile masterplans, have already reached the album no. 2. during the band’s somewhat short existence. MEPHORASH first spread their black wings in 2010 – and these diabolic Blacksters’ 1st full-length outing, "Death Awakens", was unleashed a year later, in 2011. The follow-up album, baptized by an unholy goat’s blood as "Chalice Of Thagirion", was released just recently – and as it can usually be expected from the Swedish underground Metal hordes, MEPHORASH’s ravishing grimness comes through in an enjoyable form on "Chalice Of Thagirion". The songs are well thought out and very focused all in all, having typical blasting sections in them (for Black Metal) – as well as some fitting, a bit more unusual and odd time signatures and breaks that bring in some welcome contrast into the middle of speedy bursts of hatred that this record is full of. At places MEPHORASH remind of such satanic forces as DARK FUNERAL and SVARTSYN, if you need some comparisons as reference. The production lets every instrument shine equally on this release too, which makes the whole outcome even more enjoyable to be digested for everyone. There’s nearly one hour of stuff on "Chalice Of Thagirion", obviously making the album also a bit challenging to listen to just in one go, I believe. But obviously the quality of the songs makes it easier to carry your torch through this utter darkness and evil, rewarding you in the very end. 100% Swedish quality guaranteed on this record. Get it for yourself! Band contact:, label contact:

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

MEPHORASH - 1557 - Rites Of Nullification (Spitzl)

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