Issue # 2
(52 pages, A4, printed, in English)

"Your darkest reading…", says the subtitle and darkness seems to lay on John Zikos, its Greek editor. Strangely, reading this fanzine cheers me up quite a bit, though, mainly because of the passion and the energy John puts into it. What I like best about MOONLIGHT SHADOWS is that you don’t just get the facts but also some very personal thoughts that were on John’s mind when interviewing the bands. There’s a long chat with SEPTIC FLESH – probably one of the last ones they gave, interviews with GOTHICA, WELTSCHMERZ and – among many others – a FUNERAL PROCESSION feature over three (!) pages where you can dive into the world of Count Gothmog and understand some of his thoughts a little easier. Except for the full color (but gloomy) cover, MOONLIGHT SHADOWS is printed in black and white and looks utterly dark. Unfortunately, this makes it kinda hard to read: you’ll need a bright place to swallow those pages! John’s reviews were not made to please the record companies: bands he deeply respects like FUNERAL PROCESSION or IMMOLATION only get 8, resp. 7,5 points out of 10! Another interesting aspect about MOONLIGHT SHADOWS is that it highlights the albums that are special to the writer on the last two pages. Highly subjective and passionate: that’s the way I like it! MOONLIGHT SHADOWS #1 is sold out, so contact John for #2 (3,- € in Greece or 5,- € incl. p+p rest of the world):

Ramon Claassen

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