Ancestral Void

MORAST are a German Death / Doom four piece formed in 2005, who previously to this full length debut have released a demo, as well as a BATHORY tribute split 7” together with fellow countrymen ULTHA. Quite a while ago I stumbled across their demo and really enjoyed what I heard, so I was very eager to hear what’s going on on “Ancestral Void”. Unfortunately I got a little bit disappointed since there was not really even one song featured that grabbed my attention. While the demo is somehow a bit more diverse, thought through and what I only can describe with the word fresh, “Ancestral Void” starts slow, ends slow and is nothing but slow in-between. This is of course nothing negative because what we have here is a Doom record. However it becomes a problem when the music is slow and, and believe me I hate to use that word, boring. From ‘Crescent’, to ‘Forlorn’, to ‘Sakkryfyced’, to ‘Loss’, to ‘Compulsion’, to ‘Ancestral Void’ it is basically all the same without any highlights piercing through. To me it feels as if the music became a bit more monotonous and repetitive compared to the demo material. The songwriting in general appears to be a bit more “safe”. While ‘Forlorn’ delivers some more Black Metal-ish vibes, ‘Loss’ clearly rips off a certain riff by a certain British band that many moons ago started this whole madness – these are to me the only highlights “Ancestral Void” has to offer. So in case you’re reading this, I also disliked KRYPTS second offering so it’s definitely a good idea to check out MORAST’s debut record to convince yourself if you’re either with or against me. Go to and

Marco Stebich

Marco Stebich

MORAST - Il Nostro Silenzio (Julián "Cut" Núñez)

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