Only The Total Death
(Into Dungeons Records)

As I try to escape from the frenzied reactions that Trump’s election has provoked today, I decided to give this short EP a listen and that was certainly the day’s biggest event for me, especially after the 15th time I am on it in a row. On the A side, ‘Necroreaper’ starts with a short yet gloomy dark-synth intro in its best Dario Argento films style, leading then to a total Black / Thrash assault that will very much please the fans of legends such as NIFELHEIM and more recent acts as FORCE OF DARKNESS. Intentionally or not, the tones couldn’t be closer to the former’s album “Devil’s Force,” and I couldn’t be happier with that since not many bands today can claim to keep their passion over perfectionism without escaping the scrutiny of today’s audience, so I believe this is quite an accurate reference. “Only The Total Death” has 10:47 minutes of intense yet simple riffs and solos that neither try to innovate nor reinvent the Black / Thrash Metal wheel, but simply play it loud and fast and why not say absolutely possessed?! On the B side comes ‘Serpents Of Fire’, and as its title lacks as much originality as the one on the flip side, it also possesses the same fury and powerful sound, with the addition of the classic breakdown in the middle of the song that would awake the bloody dead! As an outro, the band leaves you with an utter short hint of another nightmarish track. I just can’t get enough of these two track EP, and there’s not much to make a fuss about it conceptually-wise. I truly hope this is not another band to end up in its early days. Let’s be honest, despite they sound quite resourceful, when it comes to old school Metal, sometimes we just need a band that talks straight… so today I’m in for MORBID PANZER, make Metal great again!,

Diego Rodrigues

Diego Rodrigues

MORBID PANZER - Demo MMXV (Thomas Meyer)

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