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A few days ago, a nice little parcel from Weedhunter Records hit my mail box at home. Unpacking it, I found a tape. Yes, one of these old fashioned sound carriers that were very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. And this one was a demo tape, another popular medium for unsigned bands in the days of pre-digital music. The name of the band was MORBID PANZER, in combination with the songtitles and the simple, yet tasty black and white cover artwork it made me think of blackened Thrash Metal automatically. So it’s no wonder I inserted the tape into my cassette deck immediately. And it was no surprise that the five piece from Berlin is deeply based in Black Thrash. Yet they aren’t a typical exponent of the genre. The guys learned all the lessons of 1980s Metal with great thirst and enthusiasm. You’ll find ideas of Speed and classic Metal en masse on “Demo MMXV”, starting with riffs and solos over fine melodic harmonies and cool breaks to some high pitched vocal outbreaks. All these multiple ideas are used to create a sound that is as modern as a rotary phone on the one hand, but on the other hand as refreshing as a shower in the morning. Add an anti-modern production with an analog warmth and a certain unfinished charm and you’ll get a demo that sticks out of the masses. This MORBID PANZER really overran me in the most positive ways. So, just get the demo, since it is not just made with passion and profession, but also limited to 200 copies, with a so-called “FOADition” of 50 on red tapes that have a screen silk cover print and an additional woven patch. Check out the band at, and to order the tape visit

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

MORBID PANZER - Only The Total Death (Diego Rodrigues)

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