Consumed By Evil
(F.D.A. Records)

MORFIN from California are back with their second strike. While bands like MASSACRE try to reincarnate again and again and partly write some soulless stuff and destroy themselves, young bands like MORFIN keep the old school flame alive by giving a f*ck about sales figures etc. and simply focus on rehearsing as hell and writing stuff with soul. MORFIN sound like Chuck Schuldiner had written too many songs for "Leprosy" and these tunes are getting released now. Even vocalist Jesus sounds like Chuck and their lead melodies and the whole guitar work sound like a mix between "Spiritual Healing" and "Leprosy" with some OBITUARY crossed their way here and there. Already the opener ‘Reincarnated’ shows their great songwriting abilities while tracks like ‘Slowly Dismembered’ or ‘Illusions Of Horror’ continue this old school path. ‘Posthumous’ easily could have fitted on a pre-production demo for "Human". So it is clear that these guys really worship DEATH even more than GRUESOME do. What they do better as GRUESOME is the fact that their songs simply sound more natural and matured and less constructed. Considering the young age of the musicians, their style and songwriting is really praiseworthy. The production is clear and powerful but kept very raw and old school and sounds like an old production of Scott Burns. Enriched by a fine cover artwork, this little brutal treasure is recommended for every old fart like me, who likes to dwell in old memories and of course also for all young lunatics, who just discover the golden age of Death Metal through young bands keeping this style alive. Well done. For more info, please check the following sources:,, or simply order this album.

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

MORFIN - Inoculation (Stefan Franke)

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