Butt Mud
(Nice To Eat You Records)

You might have figured already that I feel pretty uncomfortable about Porn Grind. That’s for “boner-biting dick-fart fuck-faces”! I remember the ex-promoter of Morbid Records once told me (I think it was about WACO JESUS): “they’re really nice guys”. So “nothing but foul language and toilet humor”? Sometimes it’s hard to tell from lyrics written by “pig-fuckers”. And so would already declare war for that. At least I can tell you about MORSGATT because I know the singer a little, a “shit-faced cock-master” called “Clitcommander”. He’s a hilarious guy with a somewhat strange dry humor and he’s 110% Metal. And he doesn’t eat children – at least whenever we meet. Maybe just a “donkey-raping shit-eater”. “Fuck my ass and call me a bitch!” The second reason why I find MORSGATT not quite as offensive as LIVIDITY or WACO JESUS is that their “humor” is slightly more silly, more childish or rather: right from the middle of puberty. “You’d fuck your uncle”! This already starts with the cover: imagine the “Altars Of Madness” cover but instead of the demons you get tits’n’ass’n’dicks’n’cum’n’… totally Westphallus, you might say. Yeah, that “cocksucking ass-licking uncle fucker” from Necromaniac Magazine who already created covers for bands like DESASTER, SCURVY, FEARER, DESPONDENCY etc. What pisses me off a little are those countless interludes of people taking a dump, of farts or from porn movies. “What did you expect? They’re (German)”. See? This completely draws the attention from the music to the image of “a bunch of ass-ramming uncle-fuckers”. That’s even more sad as we get more than just solid – as the band calls it: “sick pounding anal attacking hyper grind” with a strong scent of modern US frog. No surprise concerning the quality of the music: FEARER collaboration! So “eat penguin shit you ass-spelunker”! Finally, there is MORSGATT’s material from their split with SCURVY included, which has a considerably weaker sound than the regular material. This sounds like a “testicle-shitting rectal wart”. On the other hand, the impressive Soundlodge production pretty much sounds like a “rim job”. If this is your style, there’s no way around MORSGATT, four “very untalented (musicians) from Canada – err – Germany”. “What the hell is wrong with German people? ‘Esse my Scheise’!” So “find the clitoris” or at least some “Butt Mud” but I’m warning you: “this movie has warped my fragile little mind!” “Suck My Balls!”

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

MORSGATT - Kick Ass Undress (Frank Stöver )

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