Kick Ass Undress
(Noise Variations)

There probably might be exceptions to the rule, but in most cases a MCD with ten tracks (plus intro and outro) that only comes up with a total playing time of approx. 18 minutes can only feature the most extreme type of music. And “Kick Ass Undress” by the North German sickos MORSGATT exactly fits this category as well. The band is blasting through the material in the best Deathgrind tradition, always brutal as fuck and intense as hell. Usually I can’t stand this type of music (Grindcore), but as MORSGATT deliver it with a lot of class and a major focus on the Death Metal elements, I learned to enjoy this little project pretty quickly. No surprise if I tell you that MORSGATT consists of members that usually play in the excellent and not less brutal Death Metal act FEARER as well as the Grindcore band MEATKNIFE. The only thing I don’t get into is the whole concept based around the band’s name (MORSGATT is a North German slang word for “asshole”) – you not only get pictures and drawings related to that, but also a movie sample from “Dumb And Dumber” in which one of the main characters is extensively shitting…). Apart from that, a very cool release for everyone of you who needs Death Metal performed as extreme as possible! Contact:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

MORSGATT - Butt Mud (Ramon Claassen )

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