Demo II

According to MORTUARY TEMPLE’s brainchild (and one and only member) Profanatitas "Demo II" is not actually meant to be a real second demotape, but should just be seen as a sign of life… Well, no matter how you’re gonna call it, musically it definitely is a big step forward (at least based on my personal narrow minded taste). The songs have been reduced to the max in every aspect this time: shorter individual playing times, no moody keyboards, no interludes – just straight forward, very primitive and raw old school Black Metal with an impressive grim overall feel to it. What you get here are 4 songs, plus an instrumental intro and outro (both regular entitled though) and all of ’em really made my day. It actually happens very rarely lately that you get to hear bands of this kind as most of them are obviously more concerned to develop their style into a more complex, thrashier or bombastic direction. Well, MORTUARY TEMPLE luckily went into the opposite direction and are furthermore a very good proof that Black Metal still works best with a "production" that has this dungeon type feel to it, rather than a crystal clear studio sound. Promising! The demo sells for 4,-Euro (ppd.) from this address: M. Lang, Georg-Staber-Ring 7, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany, email: "Demo I" is still available for 5,-Euro.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

MORTUARY TEMPLE - Demo I (Frank Stöver)

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