Demo I
(Cold Dimensions)

MORTUARY TEMPLE originally started out as a full band a couple of years ago, but over the course of time evolved into a one man project, lead by ex – LUNAR AURORA drummer Profanatitas who also handles all instruments and vocals on this debut release. "Demo 1" features five intros / outros as well as four rather long songs of which ‘Into The Ruins Of Kandor’ even reaches the impressive playing time of 16:29 minutes! This mostly pretty midpaced track, kicks off very straight’n’simple and needs about ten minutes to speed up for the first time (and that doesn’t even mean highspeed blasting). The overall style of MORTUARY TEMPLE could be described as pretty basic, thrashin’ old school Black Metal, with a very raw feel to it, a grim vocal delivery and occasionally incorparated (but never overused) creepy keyboard sounds. What I really appreciate about this release is the fact that it still has this very honest and totally dedicated feel to it… something that a lot of bands nowadays seem to have lost. So, the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed the material. The (advance) CD-R I received additionally features a cover of PROFANATICA’s ‘I Arose’ (not included on the official tape version and in the above mentioned playing time), but for some strange reasons in an instrumental version…?! Anyway, the quality of the "band’s" own material speaks enough for itself, so don’t hesitate to pre-order a copy directly from (official release date: September 18, 2005). For those of you who’re constantly interested in the latest gossip let me tell you that Profanatitas also plays in another, no name project nowadays, together with original LUNAR AURORA drummer Nathaniel, who switched over to guitar in the meantime (for health reasons). But even though it is supposed to be very raw and brutal stuff, no recordings or anything are planned from what I understood…

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

MORTUARY TEMPLE - Demo II (Frank Stöver)

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