Unholy Presences
(No Colours Records)

Finally a release from No Colours which is not totally worthless but generic! Not that this record will not end as beer coaster but when one receives buckets of insipid crap passed off as music on a regular basis one starts to appreciate the nuances I can tell you. Being totally grim and possibly misanthropic, MURK falls into the glorious category of one-man-bands that have some nice moments here and there but fail to deliver in the end. The vocals sounds comparable to Abbath, the music is mainly mid-tempo to slow with some simple leads here and there and consists of watered-down, darkthronish monotonous riffing mainly apart from four or five moments that actually sound good. To spice things up, a long monotonous keyboard/synth piece reminding reminiscient of old VOND (yes, it is really THAT boring) has been included but seemingly played with just one hand (and that one plastered, if I may add). Hooray! Anything else? Yes, the logo looks like cheap shot at DARKTHRONE and the booklet is black and white… dun-dun-duuun. Actually I wanted to close this review with a rhetorical question why labels and musicians alike seem to be content to defecate releases devoid of substance into this world but as the disc has mercifully stopped spinning I am done and out of here.

Ulrich Kreienbrink

Ulrich Kreienbrink

MURK - All Is Löst (Luxi Lahtinen)

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