Formed in Sweden in 2002 this is NETHERBIRD’s sixth album. No newcomers here, as present and past band members have been in other veteran bands like MARDUK, A CANOROUS QUINTET, AMON AMARTH and AT THE GATES, just to name a few. So, there is in no way a surprise regarding the quality here. The only thing I am really intrigued by is why is this band not more popular? Hell knows… this is some of the best Death / Black Metal you can find anywhere. In my ears they are closer to bands like NECROPHOBIC, DISSECTION, some WATAIN and with a certain tone to a thrashier DIMMU BORGIR. And touches of Progressive Metal in there too, not far away from Arch – era FATES WARNING or the more complex IRON MAIDEN tunes, to be spiced by a dark aura mastered by KING DIAMOND. The production is just fantastic. The drums, the heavy guitars, the killer solos and the evil vocals, it all fits in place, and there is never a dull moment or something that feels like a filler. It is complex, yet not to the line it is too much. It is technical, yes, but in a way that the main goal is to keep it straight forward. And there is melody, yes, but always with that eerie touch of impending doom. And the cover art fits this in a way that it is mysterious, simple, yet effective. With so many riffs that are melodic, catchy yet so dark and powerful, this is nothing short of being a timeless masterpiece that deserves to be heard by the masses. This is without doubt one of my contenders for album of the year, and also a warning to check out earlier works.,

Julián “Mystes” Núñez

Julián "Mystes" Núñez

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