Evig Stillhet
(Darkness Shall Rise Productions)

This is the first demo from this Swedish band, which is completely unknown to me. It’s released by the German label Darkness Shall Rise Productions, which has recently been quite successful in its publishing policy, mixing reissues of old material with completely new bands, like this one. Initially, it was a label specialized solely in tapes, but nowadays it has expanded to also release vinyl and CDs. Vedfolnir is the sole member of NIDAFJÄLLEN, and I’m not aware of any previous bands he may have been part of. There is no information available on this. “Evig Stillhet” is the title of the demo, which is available in cassette and CD formats. Let’s dive into it. I’ll tell you what this is about… it’s lo-fi Black Metal, but with a certain “quality” to its sound. It’s not the typical cassette recorder sound. Their music carries a melancholic tone without veering into Depressive Black Metal territory at all. They employ repetitive melodies that become ingrained in your mind, very much in the style of DARKTHRONE and their album “Transilvanian Hunger”. I quite enjoy their sound, and it’s closer to Norwegian bands from the ’90s than Swedish bands. You know, it has a colder and rougher sound, less melodic. The four tracks featured on the demo are lengthy, averaging around nine minutes each, yet they never feel overly long. On the contrary, they are quite enjoyable, inducing a hypnotic state with their dark melodies. The themes of their songs lean more towards dark natural imagery than satanism. Highly recommended for fans of lo-fi Black Metal, this band is quite accessible within the genre.,

Oscar “evilcore666” Vazquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez

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