Humped World
(EDH Records)

I admit, I don’t like bashing bands’ albums, so I try to avoid reviewing stuff that I don’t like that much. But I’ve been sent a bunch of CDs by EveryDayHate Records and one of them was NOISEBAZOOKA’s "Humped World" and I had to do what has to be done, so let the shitstorm begin. This two piece Austrian Noisecore / Grind band has produced one of the most annoying albums I’ve heard in my life and I’ve heard a lot. So you’ve got insanely fast and chaotic programmed drum patterns with mid-range screetchy guitars and screaming vocals mostly. Now I know there’s some appeal in that formula when done with humour or really insane lyrics, like ANAL CUNT or unsung masters of the genre – MINCH, but NOISEBAZOOKA’s lyrics suck dick as well and songtitles are boring as a white wall, some pseudo-stream-of cousciousness-intellectual babble. Check out: ‘Slotted By Memmry’, ‘Place On The Plate’, ‘Apple In A Row’, ‘Here Comes The Wire’ and so on… what’s this shit? This was one of those albums I honesly couldn’t make myself to listen through till the end. It’s repetitive, the same formula is used on most of 32 tracks and while trying to turn themselves out and be as extremely fast and noisy as possible, NOIZEBAZOOKA comes as a weak fart in the wind. And 44 minutes of this? No. How much more crap I need to lay down for you to understand that it must be avoided like fuckin syphilis? This shit is that bad. Next!,

Minda “Plix” Lapinskas

Minda "Plix" Lapinskas

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