Drakon Darshan Satan
(Dark Descent Records)

NOX FORMULAE is a young and interesting Black Metal band from Athens. “Drakon Darshan Satan” is their second full length album released by the American label Dark Descent Records. Here we have eight songs for almost 40 minutes of pretty unusual Black Metal with a typical occult and satanic imagery. Ok, I have to admit, that it took me a while to get used to some of their parts, especially the mid tempo ones, since the drummer doesn’t play the typical Extreme Metal rhythmic sections when they slow down. I think that shuffle grooves and double stroke roll hi hat fills don’t fit very well with NOX FORMULAE’s riffs, but if you’re into experimental stuff in terms of drumming, maybe you’ll find them more interesting than a typical double bass fill. In this sense, my orthodox ears reject without appeal songs like ‘The Arrival Of Noctifer’ and ‘Berzeks Of OD’. On the contrary, I enjoyed the rest of the album, because when they play true Extreme Metal, NOX FORMULAE are able to offer tons of violence and dark atmospheres at the same time. The fast parts are pretty reminiscent of early DARK FUNERAL from “The Secrets Of The Black Arts” and “Vobiscum Satanas” with ultra fast blastbeats, euroblasts and hypnotic tremolo riffs. There are some killer blackend Death Metal midpaced rhythms too with a powerful double bass. Then let’s talk about the vocals, that to me are the outstanding part of NOX FORMULAE’S proposal. Here we have a costant alternation of obscure and raucous growlings, not particularly guttural but not even clear. These kind of vocals give to the whole album a strong Hellenic touch, since they are pretty similar to those of legendary Greek bands such as ROTTING CHRIST and VARATHRON. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a raw Black Metal band or a War Metal one, stay away from NOX FORMULAE. But if you’re into fast second wave Black Metal mixed with a touch of old school Death Metal and those epic and dark atmospheres typical of Hellenic Black Metal, “Drakon Darshan Satan” is a solid release worthy of your collection. More info you will find at:,

Rick Peart

Rick Peart

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