Summary Execution At Dawn
(Dark Descent Records)

Although formed in 2010, this is a band formed by veterans of the Texas scene, specifically in Houston. And this is their debut album which is a killer slab of raging Death /Thrash executed in a fantastic way. The music recalls bands like MERCILESS, early INVOCATOR, SADUS and MALEVOLENT CREATION to name a few. And the production values are truly great, not sounding compressed or modern, with a heavy guitar sound, and a pounding drum attack courtesy of Matt Heffner, a great guy that plays in tons of bands, but always supporting others. I also must mention the great guitar and vocal work of Dave Caller, who is also playing in some other bands, mainly the great grindcore band P.L.F. This album was released in the pandemic years and was under the radar of many for that reason, but there is always time to discover this fantastic piece of thrashing Death Metal with some of the best riffs since “The Awakening” or “Pleasure To Kill”. The songs have a similar tempo, but they are done with such great riffs that they don’t even sound similar. And some solos have that great SEPULTURA – esque style used in “Schizophrenia” that only adds more to the quality of this album. At just over half hour, this will only satisfy your lust for speed, destruction and musical violence until this executioner of cruelty break the oath again. A must for any Metaller of Death / Thrash! All further OATH OF CRUELTY information you will find at www.facebook.com/oathofcruelty, www.facebook.com/darkdescentrecords

Julián “Into The Chamber Of Death” Núñez

Julián "Into The Chamber Of Death" Núñez

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