Giving Yourself Away
(Displeased Records)

I was pretty surprised when I started this CD. Doom Metal? In my opinion this is rather Gothic. This is just too “nice” for being Doom. That’s probably because of the dominant keyboards. Apart from that, OFFICIUM TRISTE do seem to be big MY DYING BRIDE fans, but they lack the sinister atmosphere and the depression. Well, maybe I’m spoilt already by the original. I have to admit I liked the CD better the second time I played it. Powerful guitars, good leads an’ everything. Production by Robbe K. at audiovisuals. Why it still gets on my nerves are the cheap piano sounds and the repetitions especially in the first and in the last song. Simply overdone. This is a CD for listening to when you have enough time, darkness and a glass of wine. Don’t listen to it while driving your car. This record deserves a chance despite my points of criticism (keyboards, repetitions). A “can buy” – album.,

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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