Ancient Sorceries and Old Relics
(Aphelion Productions)

Alright, so here’s a split for misanthropic people who don’t like sunshine very much. Each band presents 3 tracks and Sweden’s OLD BONES start ceremonies off with the primitive Death / Black Metal heavily inspred by HELLHAMMER and WINTER. I like their raw yet thunderous sound, especially the drums, but music wise this is mediocre stuff, nothing to get excited about. It’s alright, but forgotten as soon as the songs end. As for Italians ARS GOETIA… they’re a shining example why I think 98% of Black Metal is crap and eventually leads to gayness (GORGOROTH anyone?). High on trebly, shit (or is it "true") sounding production, full-on penguin make-up (their singer even has corpsepainted hands, hahahahaha!), this is totally bland, thin sounding and very irritating shit. And the songtitles… ‘Virgin Prostitute’, ‘The Key Of Joy’… yeah, true to the deepest abyss of blakk asshole. Maybe they should consider opening a beauty salon with an emphasis on penguin style make-up job italian style. Contact: www.myspace.com/oldbonesmetal, www.aphelionproductions.net

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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