The Redshift
(Candlelight Records)

Melodic Death Metal has become over the years for sure one of the best selling Metal genres and in the class of 2008 the scene majors IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY are sitting next to younger bands like THE DUSKFALL or OMNIUM GATHERUM. The band from the land of the thousand lakes is on the road since 1996 and with “The Redshift” they are offering their fourth release of ultra melodic Death Metal. The album is a very positive surprise because I didn’t expect such a big step forward from this band. The 11 songs are a wild style mixture (within the given rules of this genre) and the album is offering several great songs, especially the first 5 songs are worth to be called ear catcher. This point must be marked red because their last release (“Stuck Here On Snakes Way”) was also offering good played music but without this special magical portion which makes the difference. OMNIUM GATHERUM can’t invent this style a second time but the band is using all given facets from headbang monsters a little bit inspired by AMON AMARTH up to keyboard supported songs spiced with guitar duels. For Death Metal fans which are still rooted in the Heavy Metal world is “The Redshift” a more than suitable piece of meat.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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