Sonus Satus

As first efforts go, I think it fair to say ORDO CAPER hit the ball all the way out of the park with their demo, “Sonus Satus”. Just three tracks in length, it delivers excellent Death Metal and leaves you hopeful for another demo very, very soon. One can only hope. For now though “Sonus Satus” is all we have to enjoy. The demo is dark, ritualistic even, very much in the current underground style championed by bands such as DEAD CONGREGATION and EMBRACE OF THORNS. The obviously Lovecraft-inspired cover art conveys the spirit of the demo quite nicely. ‘Inside Vapor Evil,’ first of the demo’s three tracks, sounds like the fury of the void, where unspeakable horrors nest, lying in wait for their time to rise. An atmospheric pause in the song with some interesting guitar effects and then back we go, bound for destruction in the void. ‘Rabishu’ is the second track, a little different percussively from the first, but still a fantastic song. There’s another pause, but this time a guitar solo instead of guitar sound effects. Finally, ‘Annihilation And Turmoil’ rounds out this short, but atmospherically charged demo. The scene will always have a place for talented bands such as this one. ORDO CAPER is definitely a band to keep an eye out for. www.facebook.com/pages/Ordo-Caper/274505092586148

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

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