The Funeral
(No Colours Records)

ORENDA from Bulgaria come up with their second release after their debut “Back In The Grave” and manage to suprise me quite positively with their very dark and atmospheric version of Suicide-Black Metal! It starts with the moody cover artwork and the dark band photography. The outside promises exactly what is to be found inside: 4 very dark and ghostlike songs ranging from 7 to 9 minutes each. A special influence from suicide masters SHINING can be felt in all their tunes, be it the combination of dark midtempo passages and moody up-tempo attacks, the haunting unfriendly leads or the despairing vocals (which could have been sicker for my taste). There are few bands that play with this certain grim atmosphere and monotony and keep it interesting and gripping – OREGA is one of them and worth to be checked out! But if you already fall into deep slumber when listening to bands like XASTHUR (although you won’t find any keyboards on “The Funeral”) you should go for something more varied. ALASTOR perhaps. www.myspace.com/orendabg, www.no-colours-records.de

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

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