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OVERUNIT MACHINE is an Italian band that defines themselves as "experimental Metal"… why Frank, why? (guilty of not having listened to it before I passed it on – Frank) Well, the cover looks interesting, so maybe there is a chance. Press play… my… Ok, this is actually a music style I will never ever buy, but I must accomplish this reviewing mission, that I’ve been doing for well over 20 years… OVERUNIT MACHINE has a Groove Metal sound, with some Industrial touches here and there, the vocalist I guess you have to get used to, at times the music sounds like SYSTEM OF A DOWN, sometimes it has a PANTERA vibe, some happy Punk touches and some other influences far away from Metal. I think they will have a good crowd in the more Metal / Punk community. And it is not that I cannot appreciate the style, I mean I really like bands like ATLAS LOSING GRIP, I even enjoy SATANIC SURFERS, but this band kinda loses with that "experimental" sounds / things they add to their music. The more open minded Metal freaks might as well like this one if they find the aforementioned bands of their liking. Those looking for more evil sounds have to keep looking somewhere else. www.facebook.com/overunitmachine, www.sliptrickrecords.com

Julián “Unholy Messiah” Núñez

Julián "Unholy Messiah" Núñez

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