Consecrated In Morbidity
(Old Temple)

An Asian bands split album… PATHOGEN is a band from the Phillipines with some time dwelling around. I have heard them before and if I am not wrong I have a few of their releases in my collection. As far as I remember, not too much has changed, they still play evil and brutal Death Metal, with raw production values, that maybe give them an exotic approach, to something between old MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE with touches of evil Thrash in the SLAYER or POSSESSED vein. PATHOGEN’s music on this split consists of 4 songs, 2 originals, one BATHORY cover and a live song. Not bad, but they have done better releases. On the other hand DEATHEVOKER from Malaysia has better production values in this split, and they have a more Swedish Death Metal sound, in the ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER style. Still, they have that touch that bands from that area do inject in their influences. The band contributes here with 4 original songs and a SEPULTURA cover (‘Troops Of Doom’). Altough I do enjoy this side of the split a bit more, I also must mention that DEATHEVOKER shows their young age and some performance could be better. Still, as some way of presenting some two good Death Metal bands from Asia, this is a good compilation.,

Julián “Fleshcraver” Núñez

Julián "Fleshcraver" Núñez

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