From The Land Of Death
(Northern Heritage Records)

More grim Black Metal from Finland! This time it is the second full length form this unholy duo of people that are also involved in other acts like ARCHGOAT, MAVETH, FORGJORD to name a few. So, this is a quite mature effort form veterans and it does show. Although in this case, the grim Black Metal, has a fat guitar tone and of course there is quite a lot of evil Death Metal in here, making it more interesting at least for me. The band has that guitar tone similar to Black Metal era DARKTHRONE and bit of early BURZUM, yet it never sounds thin, rather at times it does sound atmospheric. And it is also brutal more than once, proving that Black / Death Metal done right is some of the most menacing Metal ever created. The guitars are always playing cold and distant melodies invoking darkness as one, and hardly there is a time lost in being noisy or just trying to sound brutal. They do have some memorable songs like ‘Unseen Prophecy’ with a quite great main riff. Maybe if they do have different drum patterns while playing very fast riffs the band could have a better sound, but that is just a matter of taste. As it is, this is without doubt a quite proud Black Metal band from Finland, and that is definitely a thing to watch out for.,

Julián “Son Of The Dawn” Núñez

Julián "Son Of The Dawn" Núñez

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