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“Anneliese – wtf?” some might think reading the awkward title of this brand-new 7” EP by Belgium Black / Death act POSSESSION to be released on April 12, 2014. But if you look at the cover you will quickly realize the band ain’t talking about their mom or favourite groupie, but poor young German woman Anneliese Michel, who died due to malnourishment and dehydration as result from an exorcism in the 70s requested by her idiotic parents and executed by some Catholic dickhead priest. A horrid story which was referred upon in many movies and still incites your anger about the malevolence and murderous ignorance disguised as Catholicism (the details can be read here). But back to more joyous matters namely the sonic assault this quartet spews forth. Musically, an aggressive mix of Black Metal fury and almost Death Metallic heaviness inspired by such glorious deliverers of blasphemous barbarity like SARCOFAGO, IMPALED NAZARENE or ARCHGOAT is what you can expect. Topped off by truly possessed, tormented and hysterical howls – that actually live up to the band moniker and topic of the A-side quite well – POSSESSION add a tad more emotion, even atmosphere to their rather traditional formula in musical terms and fluently shift from ferociously fast to slower, gloomier passages. Damn great and a bit more individual sounding than 2013’s “His Best Deceit” demo. Overall, it’s a demonic, dark and flawless composed piece of Black / Death, sounding organic and powerful and hopefully provides the soundtrack the bastards responsible for Anneliese’s death may hear for eternity down in hell while we happily enjoy it here on earth and also appreciate its Moyen cover! A sample can be found here. More information at: www.facebook.com/hisbestdeceit, www.ironbonehead.de, www.invictusproductions.net

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

POSSESSION - 1585 - 1646 (Anders Peter Jørgensen)
POSSESSION - His Best Deceit (Thomas Meyer)
POSSESSION - His Best Deceit (Nathaniel Colas)
POSSESSION - Storm Of Hateness (Stefan Franke)
POSSESSION - interview (Steven Willems)

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