Symbols Of Failure
(Neurotic Records)

These days we have to search hard in order to find a Death Metal band able to stir something inside our guts. It seems that everything has been done in that domain. Fortunately, from time to time a band like PSYCROPTIC raises its ugly head and refreshes a passion jaded too often. This Tasmanian outfit offers a superb brand of brutal Death Metal based on superior composition and musical playing skills. Imagine a collision between DEEEDS OF FLESH and THEORY IN PRACTICE and I think that you will get a fair idea of what PSYCROPTIC intend to come up with: extreme brutality coupled to technical finesse. The impressive production of the disc does justice to the prowess of this four piece: sounding crystal clear, each of the nine tracks offered here gives way to tons and tons of wicked riffs harmoniously put together in a coherent whole. Far from being boring and self indulgent, the PSYCROPTIC music induces a hypnotic fascination after a while. All the musicians have their own room to express themselves; don’t expect a muddy and crappy effort, but a “groovy” one due to the organic nature of the sound. If you are a NECROPHAGIST devotee, this album is right in your alley, even if PSYCROPTIC don’t indulge in neo-classical guitar extravaganza. Once is not the habit, I would like to praise here the fantastic artwork done by Pär Olofsson (also responsible for the art of the last DEEDS OF FLESH album), the most beautiful I have seen in years! The version I bought comes with a slipcase on which the cover is even more lavish because one or two shades clearer, giving the image a better legibility. So this record ends up to be a superb object encasing the most fantastic Death Metal music you can dream of. I hope it will find the way of your record collection. Buy this for your own sake! MASSIVE! and for info and mp3.

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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