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There is always something when listening to bands from Malaysia. In my eyes, or should I say in my ears, they are closer to what was done in South America 25 years ago than most South American bands. RAKUS, on this EP, sounds like a bastard child of SODOM and SEPULTURA with maybe a better performance, but with a sound that recalls the early productions of both bands. But the anger, the soul is there. You can almost feel that raw atmosphere and the hunger for Metal in the veins of these people. If a song title as ‘Speedmetalhell’ (yes written like that) or the cover art of a goat in front of the moon does not give you a clue, then you must seek help. The almost rehearsal like sound only adds more charm to this one that if you tell me it was done near Sao Paulo back in 1986, I would completely buy it. Something I also command you to do. seth_distro@ymail.com, www.facebook.com/seth.distronrec

Julián “In Hell” Núñez

Julián “In Hell” Núñez

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