Chapters Of An Evil Transition
(Memento Mori)

RAVENOUS DEATH are hailing from the land of glorious mysteries, Guadalajara, Mexico. The band, that features current members of HELL REMAINS, DEMONIC MANIFESTATION and DEATH’S FORSAKEN, was created in early 2016 during the recording of REMAINS third album in Mexico City, when vocalist / guitarist Miguel Angel and drummer Esteban Salcedo came up with the idea of creating a new band in the vein of olden Metal of Death. Forward to October 2016, they recorded their debut EP, “Ominous Deathcult”, including five songs of rotting maliciousness that showed potency in combining blasting brutality, crushing heaviness and fierce intensity, evoking the arcane spirit of the great old days. After this manifestation of their primal intent, RAVENOUS DEATH couldn’t disappear like many of their country mates and went on spreading the turmoil and recorded their debut full-length, aptly titled “Chapters Of An Evil Transition” which was recorded and mastered by the esteemed Javier Felez at Moontower Studios and released in co-operation with prestigious Memento Mori, wildly praised for their uncanny ability of unearthing many morbid gems from uncharted depths. And this creation indeed displayed the band’s transition into an evil Death Metal creature. The album absolutely bleeds the essence of 90s Metal of Death, like an engrossing time-warp to the days when Death Metal was a noxious force,  spreading wicked energy and continuing the proud legacy of VOMITORY, Mexican forebears SHUB NIGGURATH, (old) GRAVE, IMMOLATION, VADER and DEMIGOD. RAVENOUS DEATH do not use technical or complicated structures, they rather deliver pure and uncompromising Death Metal strongly influenced by both Nordic and American legacies. Completed by artwork courtesy of Mörtuus, “Chapters Of An Evil Transition” is like a bewildered creature whose soul will be consumed by the engrossing madness encapsulated by the Mexican quartet. Explore more about the band at www.facebook.com/ravenousdeathofficial or visit their label page www.memento-mori.es

Randolph Whateley

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