Fortifications Of The Pale Architect
(I Hate Records)

REALMBUILDER is definitely not an easy listening for the average underground Metaller. It really requires an in-depth examination and certain background (specially on CIRITH UNGOL) in order to understand and learn to appreciate their compositions. This duo comes from NY / US, honestly I would have never expected this band to sound like they do given their origin. Eccentricity is the most adequate word to describe the main characteristic of REALMBUILDER approach to Heavy / Epic Metal. Technicality is completely out of the equation here, still the band manages to pull off a very fascinating, intriguing and catchy delivery which has its momentum in my fave songs on the album like ‘Old Savage’ and ‘Ascend To The Glass Kingdom’. Don’t even think that I’m diminishing the remaining tracks of the album, which in fact I like. The rest of it will offer you enough food for thought solely relying on guitar, bass, drums and vocals and occasional keyboard interventions as the instruments to convey the dreamy aura. Unique, is the final ingredient I would add to the already penned words and even so I will still fall short to portray the actual substance that you may need to check out for yourself. Get this now at More info at

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

REALMBUILDER - Blue Flame Cavalry (Alfonso Perez)

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