Preachers Of Death
(Schwarzdorn Production)

New bands are always welcome in the extreme Metal scene, especially those with a cover artwork like the one REPULSIVE AGGRESSION from Oslo used for their second album “Preachers Of Death”. Eye-catching black/white pictures with details as well as some clichés are my kind of art for a record jacket. So I put some hopes in this album from Norway. And they weren’t disappointed. REPULSIVE AGGRESSION are hard to file under one classic Metal genre. You’ll find elements of classic Death Metal, mixed with Black Thrash and classic Thrash Metal, spiced with melodies from classic Metal and Gothenburg Death Metal. This mix is pretty vitalizing and a real joy to listen to, even though it took me some time to find access to the songs on “Preachers Of Death”. But in the long run, songs like the rude opening ‘Bleed Them Dry’, ‘Utter Repulsion’ with its pretty dark atmosphere and the nearly post Black Metal breaks or the melodic double strike of ‘Reign’ and ‘Lord Of Men’ have become little ear worms for me. And these tunes are not short of surprises. Just listen to the classic Metal inspired break in ‘Reign’ and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. And that’s not all… ‘Beat ‘Em Down’ and ‘Anthropoclast’, for example, are tunes WITCHERY would have been proud of. The final, eponymous high speed stunner ‘Preachers Of Death’ ends up an album that is worth to get blasted through my speakers again! So, let’s do it! In the meantime, you should visit the band at or the label at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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