Simplifying A Demon

Although the odd choice of the moniker and the quite unimpressive logo seemed to be signs foreboding enough to some to skip this project, it was interesting to check out if there is a chance that it has something really interesting to offer. “The aim of the project is to explore how far one man with one voice and a four string bass can go” is what written in the description of 0’s bandcamp page. Bands like NECROMANTIA, BARATHRUM and ARPHAXAT have done guitar-free Black Metal already, but 0 doesn’t even have a drummer. Most of the time – the compositions are slow and very monotonic, with some quite generic sounding typical Black Metal style screams or speach parts. There are strange attempts to add solos, that just don’t seem to fit right into the song. The guy behind this projects knows how to handle his instrument, but the writing sometimes sounds quite awkward, rather than “experimental”. There are definitely many more boring sounding 1-man projects out there, but even though the tone of the bass doesn’t remain the same all the time, it’s fair enough to claim that it could have more variation. These 4 strings and 1 voice don’t really go too far and probably doesn’t push any boundaries too far, either. The sound quality is quite good, but probably a more “fat” sound would compliment “Simplifying A Demon” a lot. All in all – 0’s material is not for everyone, but those who want to check out something quite different can hear themselves whether they like it or not. A click on 0’s Bandcamp link is all it takes to find out! www.facebook.com/pages/0-the-experiment/191559844345029, https://0-the-experiment.bandcamp.com

Sergei Pismeny

Sergei Pismeny

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