The Earth Is Silent
(Art Of Propaganda)

2019 is a great year Doom wise, with FVNERAL FVKK and URZA dropping quality platters of mope and solitude on our collective shoulders. Now comes Spanish SUN OF THE DYING‘s new opus de emotionale, ‘The Earth Is Silent’. The opener ‘A Dying Light’ is a great start, leveraging Eduardo Guillo’s deep, resonant death roars over Doom tempo chugs spiced with melodic harmonies ripped straight from the heart of a cold British winter (i.e. any MY DYING BRIDE or early PARADISE LOST album). It’s dramatic and heavy without being extremely innovative or surprising. The top-shelf goodies arrive with ‘A Cold Unnamed Fear’ where the band’s penchant for dark, dreamy melancholy is reaffirmed and made palpable by Guillo’s morose, clean vocals which split the baby between David Gold (WOODS OF YPRES) and Alan Nemtheanga (PRIMORDIAL). The song’s grim energy comes from the abutment of the clean vocals to the death roars, resulting in an eerily beautiful song that sticks with you. ‘The Earth Is Silent’ is yet another high-quality album from a very unique and hopefully consistent group. I might quibble over the relative Death and Doom ratio, but the material is still gripping and as dark as a criminal’s soul. Recommended for fans of the above mentioned band comparisons.,

Jarne Brauns

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