Design In Creation
(Off The Record)

TEMPLE from the Netherlands is a studio project of A.J. van Drenth and he returns with the second album "Design In Creation". Unfortunately I was not able to check the first output "Structurs In Chaos" so far but I definitely will try this soon. "Design In Creation" starts with ‘3rd Degree Possession’, a real blackened Death Metal hammer, somewhere between bands like, NILE, MORBID ANGEL and HATE ETERNAL. The Dutch boys blast themselves through this fast opener with even faster drumming, deep grunts (varied by screams) and precise, sharp guitars making this hateful opener a real Death Metal wrecking ball. After sixty seconds it is clear that A.J. is a master in composing and writing brutal slamming Death Metal. I liked his works in BEYOND BELIEF and also in EXTREME COLD WINTER but this brutal piece of hate is really intense. ‘Saints & Relics’ continues the direction and takes us listeners straight to the edge of hell, looking down into the rotten burning hell. The precise riffing and drumming is really fantastic but also the slowed down middle part with its intense solos and melodic leads is really worth to check as this composition is fantastic again and does not need to hide after well known successful bands like BEHEMOTH or the mentioned HATE ETERNAL. To follow his vision A.J. gets supported by vocalist Kevin Quilligan, who does a fantastic vocal job on this album, but also the drumming of Eric de Windt is absolutely brilliant and very technical and together with the guitar work of A.J. and the bass-lines of Sanne Van Dijk he really got together a bunch of very talented musicians. ‘The Creation Account’ starts with Japanese sounding female vocals and some drum effects and is a well-done interlude before they start crushing skulls again with ‘All Things Created’. Honestly I could mention all single tracks on the album (‘Animal Suicide’ is majestic, by the way) but this would exceed this review and start sound boring so I try to keep it short. Fans of blackened Death Metal should really stop spinning "I Loved You At Your Darkest" and "Design In Creation". For more information, check one of the following sources: www.facebook.com/templedeathmetal, www.offtherecordshop.nl

Michael Kujawska

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