In The Light Of Darkness (The Covenant Of Death)
(Regain Records)

Based on old Christian mythology 13 is a cursed number – mainly due to the fact that their savior summoned only 12 apostle to the last supper (and that’s why the following number is connected to his unholy opponent) – and exactly 13 years after the split one of the most influential melodic Death Metal bands is returning from the grave – UNANIMATED. This band should not be introduced to any real Metal fan and their only 2 releases ("The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead" (1993) / "Ancient God Of Evil" (1995) – 2008 re-released by Regain Records) are more than just underground diamonds – they are real essentials. But after listening to their new album the last week it seems that not more than one year has passed since the release of "Ancient God…". The new line-up with established musicians from bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and CELESTIAL PAIN choose the right way by honoring the band’s undeniable legacy. They followed exactly their old patterns and not a slightly wave of innovation will be found on "In The Light Of Darkness". So the MAYHEM / DISSECTION sindrome hasn’t found a new victim and it’s pure joy to listen to true old school Swedish Death Metal. UNANIMATED have recorded an album which is typical as fuck – the atmospheric guitars are ruling here and the convincing sound (far away from the high-tech attacks of these days!!) is a further key to the success. The album starts with a short intro and after the first seconds of ‘Retribution In Blood’ you feel the Swedish north wind on your face and you will understand that Swedish Death Metal will never die as long as there are bands like UNANIMATED. 13 cursed years have passed – years which completely changed the "face" of the terminus Swedish Death Metal – but "In The Light Of Darkness" is a monument to all true followers of this style. www.regainrecords.com, www.myspace.com/unanimated08

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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