End Of All
(Iron Blood And Death Corporation)

This is the second release by this Swedish band, this time in MCD format and limited to 300 copies through the Mexican label Iron Blood And Death Corporation. The band is comprised of only two members (Fredrik Ringström and Jonny Pettersson), but they are also involved in other projects such as BERZERKER LEGION, BURNING THE BASTARDS and HEADS FOR THE DEAD, so they are not newcomers in the scene. Their first LP, “Låt Oss Förbrinna”, was released in 2015 on ViciSolum Productions. I listened to this work before writing this review to compare it with the MCD. In their first album, they played a mix of Death and Black Metal with synthesizers in the style of the newer SAMAEL and MELECHESH. In this new album, they have changed their sound, which now comes across as heavier and darker, leaning more towards Death Metal and moving away from their previous “modern” sound with synthesizers. They are now more direct and less Black Metal, reserving the Black Metal elements mainly for the vocal lines of the second vocalist and some riffs. The first track, ‘Beyond All Creation’, hits you with a powerful mid-tempo Death Metal sound, with blackish touches, especially in the second voice. The second track, ‘Close Your Eyes And Pray For Death’, surprised me, as it’s the slowest song on the MCD with some Doom influences. These subtle Doom parts blend well with their blackish elements. The next two songs are more linear and somewhat monotonous, possibly with more melodic riffs that give character to the songs. To finish, ‘World Eater’ is a standout track with melodic riffs that remind me a bit of AMON AMARTH. VHOLDGHAST may not be associated with Viking Metal, but their riffs bring AMON AMARTH to mind at times. This MCD is not bad, everything is well executed and it sounds quite good (Unbound Studio). However, the band lacks some distinctiveness, and they could benefit from a unique twist to make them stand out more. It’s a good effort, but there are better options out there. www.facebook.com/vholdghast, www.facebook.com/ibdc666

Oscar “evilcore666” Vazquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez

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