Issue # 9
(60 pages, A4, printed, in English)

The last issue I saw of this cool underground zine from Malaysia was #6, so it was really a nice surprise when I found out that editor Fauzi had still been working on some follow-up issues ever since. A couple of months ago (March 2019) his newest edition (#9) was released and the first difference you immediately notice is a full color cover… Don’t know if that was already the case with #7 or #8, but it definitely looks pretty cool and is by no means a sign that VIRUS ZINE has turned commercial. Content wise Fauzi is still totally dedicated the deepest underground and I (once again…) didn’t know most of the bands that got interviewed for this issue: NEBIRAS, AS I END, DEVOUROR, RADIATION, EXOTHERMIX, SAVAGE DEITY, DEATHLY SCYTHE, NUCLEAR WARFARE, DESTRUKTION REX, ISZAR OV IMPIETY, DESTROYER ATTACK, GENOCIDAL SODOMY, HERETIC EXECUTION, INFERNAL EXECRATOR and BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST. The list gets completed by ARCHGOAT and DESASTER (which I know, of course), plus three interviews that were taken from our website with EPIDEMIC, MALEVOLENT CREATION and SODOM (all published for the very first time in print format here). 4 pages of reviews and a news page (rather superfluous in a fanzine if you ask me) complete this issue. The layout is still in the good old cut and paste style and it perfectly fits the bands that are featured. For some of the pages background images have been used, that partly make the texts a bit hard to read, so they should be brightened up or avoided in future issues. So, all in all this is always a zine worth checking out if you want to find out about exciting new bands that don’t get a feature everywhere else. For ordering details and possible mailorder options contact: For more info visit:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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