Transcend Into Ferocity
(Neurotic Records)

Right now everything emerging from the shores Sweden whether it is Black Metal or brutal UNMELODIC Death Metal seems to be excellent music. INSISION, SPAWN OF POSSESSION or STRANGULATION are some of the audible delights for fans of skilfully performed, violent Death Metal and VISCERAL BLEEDING are certainly no exception. Their second release is highly aggressive Death Metal that is strongly inspired by US bands à la newer CANNIBAL CORPSE, MONSTROSITY and despite its continuous extreme speed and elaborated technique remains straight forward, driving and does not touch the complexity-level of SPAWN OF POSSESSION’s “Cabinet” album. The sound has been kept very natural and unpolished, but definitely provides enough transparency to make every instrument appear distinct and powerful. What I consider to be the best development in the VISCERAL BLEEDING camp is that those ridiculous “dog barking” grunts one could find on the debut have been completely obliterated on “Transcend Into Ferocity” and now make this act simply perfect. Ok, a little less speed sometimes would be pretty cool and might add more heaviness to V.B.’s sound, but since the Swedes keep the album consistent and the songs well structured I will not grumble here. Solid, brutal and driving Death Metal that is not very innovative or original, but done with skill and talent! Check out the MP3 of ‘Fed To The Dogs’ on and support this band!!! The label can be found here

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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