Warlords Of Crust
(Bloodsoaked Records)

Grinding Punk noise form this unholy band. It seems some members are from Australia while others come from Sweden. Well, no matter where they come from, they do some sort of noisy Grind metallic thing, that recalls bands like early NAPALM DEATH and DISCHARGE to name a few. 5 songs of intense warfare, with a definite obsession for war and rotten humanity. Fans of the more metallic Hardcore bands will surely enjoy this one more than evil Death / Black Metal mongers. But, I must be honest and mention that they are good at what they play and for songs around the 2 minutes mark, it is just the right amount before it becomes too much. www.facebook.com/waraholics, http://bloodsoakedrecords.bandcamp.com

Julián “Religion is War” Núñez

Julián "Religion is War" Núñez

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