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As of late, I’ve been getting a few submissions of music classified as Post Black Metal. Some have been good, and some have been not too bad. Because of this, I’ve become more open and interested in this particular take on the genre. I have found that I enjoy the more atmospheric yet harsh aspect that some bands have presented. Accessible but still with its own darkness. ZØRZA, hailing from Poland, has a good thing going for them on this release. A debut EP in fact with two full songs, a moody ambient interlude and a final instrumental song with some minor spoken word passages. Some may say, “That’s It?!”, but consider it an introduction to future releases and interest on your part. Also, it will cost you less too. Compromising two members and programmed drums, the sound and production are quite good. Full of melodic leads and some catchy riffs. I love the more prominent bass line on track # 1 and 2. The vocals are of the higher pitch, shouted variety. At times they sort of remind me of Heljarmadr from DARK FUNERAL. Now in no way is the music the same mind you, it is just voicing and moments that draw me to this conclusion. I like how the songs themselves have these, sort of moody, atmospheric segments. They offer different moods and flavor within the song has well and sort of connect to the EPs last two tracks. Like mentioned, not too bad of a release with a overall band sound leaning to the more Black spectrum and not as moody or introspective as some that I have reviewed elsewhere within the Voices site. Give them a look at www.facebook.com/zorza.pbm or www.facebook.com/godzovwar

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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