September 16, 2021

Finnish Death Metallers CONCRETE WINDS will release their second full length “Nerve Butcherer” on November 26, 2021 via Sepulchral Voice Records. The label description already speaks for itself: “The content is hard to believe yet even harder to describe as words might simply fail regarding this vile eruption of utmost hatred. The record precisely continues where its predecessor left the listener shocked and terrified. REPULSION on 78rpm, MORBID ANGEL hunting in bloodlust, TERRORIZER infected with rabies or FUNERAL MIST’s most dreadful moments may be even understatements for this (surely) god-damned cacophony. CONCRETE WINDS don’t want to please anybody, nor want they to be accepted. Their intent is to spread disgust and confusion, their tongue is that of perversion, abhorrence and wrath. Ever witnessed a biblical plague of locusts? Well, dare to listen to “Nerve Butcherer” and you might find the sonic equivalent. Slaughterhouse atmosphere and total destruction meets even nastier moments to bang your head. Some folks might say it can’t get more terrible after “Primitive Force”, but watch out for “Nerve Butcherer”… as this is truly damn fucking mentally disordered!!! Songpremiere and further infos about preorders follow.” Make sure to follow the band for regular updates at

Swedish blackened Death Metallers UNANIMATED have just finished the follow-up to their “Annihilation” EP from 2018. Bass player Richard Cabeza had this to say about it: “The wait is over, once again the funeral trumpets sing the pestilence of lucifer! We are very excited to release our 4th full length album and open the gates to a new chapter and march further into the abyss. We really went deep within ourself to release the pure essence of the band. The unity of band is stronger than ever and I think this shows on this album. I feel this is the strongest, most honest, genuine and direct album we done. It’s written in blood, carved in stone, our victory in blood!” The album will be released in December via Century Media Records. More UNANIMATED information you will find at

Dutch female Black Metal duo DOODSWENS will release their debut album “Lichtvrees” on December 03, 2021 via Svart Records (CD and digitally). The vinyl edition will follow on January 14, 2022. You can already watch a video for the first single ‘In Mijn Bloed’ at this location. For more DOODSWENS info check out

German Black / Death Metallers THULCANDRA will release their new album “A Dying Wish” on October 29, 2021 via Napalm Records. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Funeral Pyre’, ‘Scarred Grandeur’, ‘Orchard Of Grievance’, ‘In Vain’, ‘Nocturnal Heresy’, ‘The Slivering Silver’, ‘In Bleak Misery’, ‘A Shining Abyss’, ‘Devouring Darkness’, ‘A Dying Wish’, ‘The Spirit Of The Night’ (Live) and ‘Night’s Blood’ (Live) (DISSECTION cover). A strictly limited gatefold vinyl edition (200 copies in gold with a signed card) will be available exclusively through Due to delays in producing colored vinyl, it will be shipped on December 10, 2021. For all additional info please visit

International sci-fi Black / Death Metal trio ZETAR has just premiered the track ‘Landru’ at this location. It will appear on the band’s debut album “Devouring Darkness”, which will be released on October 15, 2021 via Spirit Coffin Publishing. The previously revealed ‘Lights Of Zetar’ can still be streamed over here. The cover artwork was created by Bruce Pennington and the complete “Devouring Darkness” tracklist reads like this: ‘Devouring Darkness’, ‘Return To Talos IV (The Cage)’, ‘Demons Of Darkness And Air’, ‘Portal Six-Three’, ‘Lights Of Zetar’, ‘Landru’, ‘Orbital Decay’ and ‘Ardra (Great Deceiver)’. More ZETAR information you will find at

“Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling”, the new EP from German Death Metal duo REAWACAN, will be released on October 23, 2021. It features two brand-new tracks and two cover songs (‘Ace Of Spades’ and ‘Dethroned Emperor’). All songs have been recorded at home studio, the guitar re-amping, mixing and mastering was done by Andy Classen at Stage-One Studio. For all additional REAWACAN info check out

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