April 04, 2003

The next CENTINEX album will be entitled "Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos". The CD will include nine tracks, one being an instrumental piece written and performed by Peter Pettersson from Swedish Goth / Industrial act Arcana. The album will be recorded & mixed at Black Lounge studios between June 23d and July 20th for a October release through Candlelight Records. Among the titles tentatively set to appear on the CD are the following: ‘Cold Deep Supremacy’, ‘Misanthropic Darkzone’, ‘A Dynasty Of Obediance’ and ‘New World Odyssey’. According to the band, the album will be "… the hardest Centinex release ever, but it will also mark a new direction for the band. The new tracks are still good old Swedish Death Metal but with a modern touch. I’m not talking about industrial influences or things like that – even if the songtitles might indicate something towards those dimensions – no, basically the material is just Death Metal for the new millennium. Lyrically we have moved away from the WW II era, the whole lyrical concept is actually based upon the forthcoming downfall of mankind. So the lyrics are still brutal, as it should be in this kind of music."

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