August 09, 2006

China’s Area Death Productions have just re-issued NUNSLAUGHTER‘s "Radio Damnation" CD with the following six additional bonus tracks: ‘Fire’, ‘Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest’, ‘Atheist Ways’, ‘The Fucking Witch’ (all from 2001’s "Trifurcate" EP), ‘In The Graveyard’ and ‘Torment’ (from 2001’s "Satan Is Metal’s Master" split EP). The CD was remixed and is limited to 500 hand numbered copies. It features new artwork, a 12 pages booklet, 24×36 cm poster (with exclusive band pics), lyrics, a bio (written in Chinese though), sticker, bandcard and the first 100 CDs even get delivered with a t-shirt!!! For all further info check out

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